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A replica watch designed for the world of flight, of course, but which also conquers the mainland: with a Pilot's Watch on its wrist 125 on the Goodwood circuit.

The striking thing about Nadal's clock is the colors. The strap in fact changes color depending on the playing field in which Nadal is playing. So if two years ago he won his third US Open with a blue strap and last year he took his eleventh Roland Garros with a yellowish strap. This year we could see him at the Monaco Master Series with the same model. And now, in the USA Open, we see it with a blue strap. To be known, on a more technical level, that the quartz fibers used for the case of the RM 27-03, waterproof up to 50 meters replica Breitling watches, offer a very advantageous strength / weight ratio, as well as being hypoallergenic and highly resistant to UV rays . But the main feature of this watch lies in the ability of its tourbillon movement to withstand up to 10,000g stresses. This new threshold has been reached thanks to years of research and development and countless hours of tests, in particular with the "pendulum impact" test, which simulates the linear acceleration that occurs due to sudden movements or impacts from the 'user.

This virtual indestructibility was obtained thanks to the assembly of the ultra-light components of the tourbillon movement on the carbon monocoque platen with tolerances close to the micron, while the reduced number of components of this configuration allows a further weight saving, thus reducing that of the entire clock. . The rapid rotation barrel contributes to a constant release of energy during the 70 hours of autonomy. The remarkable finishes of the RM 27-03 feature the hand-polished progressive chamfering of the edges, while the flat surfaces play with the light thanks to the careful choice of satin and micro-sanded areas. The ensemble evokes the head of a bull replica Hublot, symbol of Spain and emblem chosen by Nadal. Winking at tennis, recharging and remittance at the time are operated by a ball-shaped Quartz TPT dynamometric crown. Particularly dynamic and sporty, this fake watch, made in only 50 pieces, has thus become Rafa's new ally during his games.

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