Rainbow Luxury replica Watches-Fake Rolex Rainbow Daytona

Like the unicorn t-shirts and backpacks, the rainbow luxury replica watch has also entered the men's wardrobe. This is the fake Rolex Rainbow Daytona, characterized by a ring embellished with rainbow-effect sapphires and a case with diamonds. Then there are those who choose it in a black dial, those with pink gold, which is the most popular, prefer yellow or white gold, and those who add iridescent replica Breitling watches diamonds to those with iridescent sparkles.

All for a less eccentric piece than one might believe (the full-color effect can only be appreciated closely), whose cost ranges from 180 to 280 euros.

In the last 12 months, with a summer surge, he was seen wearing Post Malone (paired with a formal suit for an informal beer with Jimmy Fallon) and Ed Sheeran (in a basic black t-shirt on the stage of one of the many dates of his world tour), but also to the wrist of Anthony Davis of the Lakers, of the footballer Antoine Griezmann and of Mark Whalberg, great collector of Fake omega and in particular of Rolex. The most expensive model, the one chosen by Tunku Ismail, son of Sultan Ibrahim of Johor, in Malaysia.

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